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As a community we are still in pain. Day after day we hear about atrocities inflicted upon our fellow Asians Americans facing verbal assaults, physical attacks, and threats to their lives. Our most vulnerable people are being targeted: elders in precarious living situations, workers in low-wage jobs and women. And those are only the incidents that have been reported. How many more of our Asian American community suffered alone in silence?


Honor the victims of anti-Asian violence and push back against racism, sexism, and anti-Asian violence.



Show your support through today’s Virtual Day of Action: pledge to support the Asian American community to #StandWithAsians and #StopAsianHate. Last week’s killings in Georgia were a wake-up call for so many to the reality that Asian Americans have been facing for the past year. White supremacy ends lives and we must all fight to end it. On this Virtual Day of Action, uplift the Asian American community by sharing your commitment to #StopAsianHate. Folks are being targeted for the language they speak, their accent, where they work, their culture — let’s end the violence together. So what can you do?

  • Take the first step by signing up for a Bystander Intervention Training today: 
  • There are many ways we can #StopAsianHate together. Do your part to uplift the Asian American community: talk about the intersections of racism, sexism, and exploitation of immigrant workers. Support mutual aid networks, donate to Together we will thrive!
  • To #StopAsianHate requires efforts both big and small. Doing your part means offering financial support and other help, holding yourself and your community accountable for demeaning language and racist “jokes.” Help monitor incidents of racism by going to    
  • On this day, pledge to #StopAsianHate. Anti-Asian violence shows up as racist slurs and “jokes,” physical violence, tearing apart immigrant families, and exploiting workers. If you see incidents of racism or bias, do your part to be an ally and offer support:
  • For any Asian or Asian American that has experienced racism, they may find themselves lost and without support to #StopAsianHate. Connect your community with resources like OCA National’s Anti-AAPI Hate Incident Reporting form: 
  • Asian Americans have faced a double pandemic of COVID-19 and anti-Asian racism. Whether it’s in public transit, on the street, or even at their workplace, many Asian Americans have experienced violence this year. Be an ally and get involved at #StopAsianHate



 March 26, 2021